How do I apply to rent a property?

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If you have looked at a rental property and are interested in signing a lease, then you must complete the application process. We use the same application for all our rentals, and it is REQUIRED to sign a lease with our company. The application looks at the following factors:

Verifying your identity
Pulling credit reports from all three major credit agencies
Analysis of the credit score
Rental History
Eviction Search
Criminal records search

The fee for this application is $39 per individual or $60 for a married couple. We do not make any money on your rental application. This is what our service charges us to obtain the above information. This fee is non-refundable.

Our application process is very fair. We look at a combination of the above factors, as well your employment history and rental references. We do not expect “perfect” results on all factors, but can tell if the applicant has a high risk of eviction based on various criteria. We take good care of all our properties and our tenants, so we do screen each applicant thoroughly.

Certain factors will disqualify you immediately from renting one of our properties. If you have a drug related conviction or are a registered sex offender, we will not rent to you under any circumstances. We also will not rent to someone who has been evicted in the past or has a poor rental reference from you current landlord. Our screening service WILL find these instances in their search, so please do not waste your time and money applying if you fall into one of these categories.

As a licensed real estate firm, we obviously observe all fair housing laws and do not consider any factor such as race, sex, creed, religion, nation of origin, or familial status during the rental application process. In most cases our property managers do not even meet potential tenants until they are approved.

Applications are available at our office or via email. Please use the “Contact Us” link or come by our office to get one. We do NOT process any application without the fee and without the applicant first viewing the property they are applying for.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us. Thanks for your interest.


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